Free Walking Tour Sydney & The Rocks

at 10.30am from Archibald Fountain in Hyde Park

tour guides in orange 'Free Tours' uniforms

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Our meeting location:

Archibald Fountain
in Hyde Park

(a 2-minute walk from St James train station)

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If you thought that Sydney's history is short and boring, think again. It is interesting and fascinating. And we are going to share it with you.

Our "Colonial walk in modern Sydney" tour covers both Sydney and The Rocks. It contains carefully selected information to give it solid historic content, but keep it interesting, fun and entertaining.

Walk with local guides who are experts in history, love their city and enjoy sharing their favourite places with you. Join our tour and you will see our iconic world-famous sights as well as hidden gems of Sydney that you would never find on your own.

Sydney walks will give you a rare insight into our fascinating past as a British colony. We will explore The Rocks - the first convict settlement in Australia. You will learn about the history of this notorious area, wander cobblestone lanes listening to amusing stories of survival, convicts, gangs and pubs.

We will finish our tour enjoying breathtaking views of our Sydney Harbour with two icons: the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

In addition, you will be introduced to Sydney as a modern vibrant cosmopolitan city with lots of photo opportunities, tips on places to visit and things to do in Sydney beyond the tour.

The walking tour will cover

both Sydney and The Rocks

You will see and hear about:

A group of tourists are enjoying a Sydney walking tour. They are standing on the waterfront, looking out at Sydney Harbour. The Sydney Opera House is in the background. A tour guide in an orange 'free tours' uniform is pointing out some of the landmarks and telling stories of early Sydney.
  • Hyde Park
  • St.Mary's Cathedral
  • The Sydney Opera House

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • 'Rum' Hospital

  • Aboriginal History

  • St.James' Church
  • Il Porcellino
A group of tourists are exploring a miniature model of Sydney city on a Sydney walking tour. The tour guide is pointing out some of the hidden places in Sydney, such as the Strand Arcade and the Rocks.
  • Hyde Park Barracks

  • Queen's Square
  • Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Old Colonial Town Square
  • Historical Macquarie street
  • The 60 hidden birds
  • Heritage Bridge street
  • Australia's legendary cat
A local tour guide in an orange uniform is giving a walking tour of the Rocks, the oldest surviving settlement in Sydney. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is in the background of the picture. The tour guide is pointing out some of the historical landmarks in the area, such as the Cadman's Cottage and the Woolstores, and telling stories about the history of the Rocks. The tourists are listening attentively.
  • Old Government Stables
  • Sydney Tower
  • Parliament House
  • Martin Place
  • Garden Palace
  • Customs House

  • Macquarie Obelisk
  • Museums and Galleries
A group of travellers on a Rocks walking tour are listening to a tour guide in an orange 'Free Tours' uniform tell stories of an early colony near Cadmans Cottage, one of the oldest surviving buildings in Sydney.
  • 'Edge of Trees'
  • The Rocks - How it all started

  • The Colony - story of survival

  • Old Police Station
  • Suez Canal and Nurses Walk
  • Sydney's Oldest Pubs
  • Oldest Woodblock Road
  • 'First Impressions' Obelisk
A group of tourists on a Free Sydney Walking Tour are taking a group picture in front of the Edge of trees art installation, a large-scale sculpture made of steel and wood that depicts a forest of trees. The sculpture is located near the Museum of Sydney, which was the site of the First Government House.
  • Campbells Cove
  • Convicts, Gangs and Pubs

  • Cadman's Cottage
  • Walk to China
  • Laneways and Hidden Places

  • 'Battle for The Rocks'
  • Circular Quay
  • The Rocks Markets
  • Things to do in Sydney

The tour starts at Hyde Park and finishes at The Rocks

How are our tours free:

We leave it up to you to decide what our tour is worth.

Locl Tour Sydney is an independent tour provider not paid or sponsored by any organization.

We rely entirely on contribution offered to us by those who have enjoyed the day.

* Due to the nature of The Rocks area our walking tour is not wheelchair accessible.

* Free walking tours are ONLY for individuals, couples and small families under 5 people.

* Organized groups are not permitted to join free walking tours. Groups booked as individuals will not be accepted.

* Our tour guides reserve the right to deny participation of any group.



"Do you ever cancel walking tours?"

When a Severe Weather Warning is issued by authorities and being outside is deemed to be unsafe the walking tour will be cancelled on short notice.

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